MY 25 Mini Block Concrete block making machine

MY 25 Mini Block – is the smallest production line in the model range of MUSTAFA YONTAR Company.

Concrete block making machine MY 25 Mini Block is a semi-automatic concrete-forming machine operating on the principle of using hydraulic pressure and mechanical vibration.

Compact, but at the same time very powerful construction weighing 10 tons, which is designed with a significant safety margin, the use of high-quality electronic, pneumatic and mechanical components in this vibrating press allow to produce high-quality small-piece concrete elements, such as paving tiles, road and garden curbs, wall blocks, gutters, etc.
MY 25 Mini Block is supplied as a single-hopper line with a conveyor, and as a simple storage unit for empty pallets.

MY 25 Mini Block is supplied as a single-hopper line with a conveyor, and as a simple storage unit for empty pallets.

One of the most important advantages of this small-class production line is its broad technological potential. The transformation into a more powerful production line КРМ 25 does not require any complicated and expensive modifications. For this purpose, elevators with storage units are additionally supplied for empty pallets and pallets loaded with products, each having its separate hydraulic system and control panel.

This additional equipment will make your production more efficient by reducing the time spent on transporting empty pallets and pallets loaded with products.

This is a very useful option for those who want to start business, because it allows to run the plant at lower costs and to reach the sales volume corresponding to the MY 25 Mini Block’s production rate. And after that, if there is a potential to increase sales, it is possible to upgrade the production line to the КРМ 25 modification, to equip the production line with a pneumatic unit for form takedown, which will also reduce labor costs.

Variety of colors and shapes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Technical specifications and performance

Basic configuration

  Concrete block machine with one hopper for concrete

  Accumulator of empty palletsConveyor from the accumulation of empty pallets to the concrete block machine

  Conveyor from the concrete block machine to the accumulator of empty pallets with products

  Accumulator of pallets with finished products


  Electrical cabinet

  Remote control


Optıonal equıpment

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