Technological pallets for a concrete block machine

    What a pallet for a concrete block machine should be like: undemanding to conditions, durable and budget-friendly. The material should transfer the vibration, hold its shape, be humidity-resistant.

Is thee an ideal structure and what to expect of actual process pallets?

Types and features of molding pallets

There are molding pallets of various materials:




plywood clad in plastic;

plywood molded with solid polyurethane;

wood of different types clad in metal;

polymer using metal elements;

foam plastic in a framework of solid plastic.

Process pallets for concrete block making: polymer over against wood

Our company sells process pallets for the concrete block making of wooden and plastic material.


resistance to water

Polymer process pallets are moisture-resistant, suitable for steam treatment boxes

Wooden structure is suitable for not less than 60% moisture (standard measure in summer is 80%)


Polymer item transfers mechanical fluctuations of a concrete block machine evenly throughout the whole service lifetime

Wood maintains the transfer of the fluctuations in the first year with a subsequent decrease


Polymer holds the shape and consistency of the pallet throughout the whole service lifetime

Wood chaps and cracks from temperature / moisture / hits

thermal treatment

Polymer is resistant to open steam, these molding pallets can be used for steaming.

Open steam causes accelerated failure of the wooden pallet

number of molds

The service lifetime of a polymer pallet is 2,880 cycles (moldings)

The service lifetime of a wooden pallet is 720 cycles (moldings)

storage conditions

The polymer is low-maintenance and does not require any special treatment

Wood requires preserving treatment and special storage conditions