Plastic process pallets: stiffness and durability

     Do you need an alternative for bamboo / metal pallets?

     Are you searching for firm and stable material?


Turn your attention to plastic process pallets. Polymer workpiece is "clad" in a metal frame - that is what you need for perfect work!

How plastic pallets are manufactured?

The rational production of plastic pallets starts with raw materials. We use a specially developed polymer, resin and stabilizers. Using these "ingredients", we create a sheet with the maximum size of 1.5 x 5 m and thickness from 4 to 5 cm and cut it according to your parameters. We form a frame from metal and place a plastic workpiece in it.


Want to get reliable pallets for a concrete block machine on the output?

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1. ASSEMBLY. Alternative to wooden pallets - polymer pallets: these products are stable, raw materials do not crack or swell.

2. DURABILITY. The service lifetime of polymer products is at least 3000 moldings. While you are buying bamboo, wooden, plywood pallets every year, plastic keeps working.

3. MOISTURE RESISTANCE. Polymers insensitive to the moisture level, they can work with steam and thermal treatment.

4. TRANSFER OF VIBRATION. The finished product is stiffer than metal, there is no deflection. The polymeric pallet powerfully transmits the vibration of the machine.