More than 600 Block Making

Lines Commissioned

The Mustafa Yontar plant is a reliable equipment manufacturer

Mustafa Yontar factory

What do customers expect from the supplier? High quality of the goods, precise terms of execution, flexibility in cooperation and prices.

Mustafa Yontar is a time-tested equipment manufacturer. We know what enterprises need and produce durable, competitive products. 

Our company is large and works more than 50 years! Half a century of competition, compliance with stringent standards and quality control requirements.

Mustafa Yontar A.S.
Mustafa Yontar A.S.
Mustafa Yontar A.S.
Mustafa Yontar A.S.

What do we produce?

Modern plant includes 32 thousand square meters of space, new equipment and a team of experts!

Reliability has a form - it is embodied in our products:

  equipment for the production of pipes;

  concrete block making lines;

  molding tools;

  process pallets.

Our customers know all about quality!

Have you ordered a concrete block machine, a line for the production of pipes, moulds? Mustafa Yontar will turn your vision of suppliers.


  TIMELY CLOSING OF THE APPLICATION. We carry out any volumes of production within the agreed period.

  LONG-TERM COOPERATION. Working with customers we do not chase after quantity - we look in perspective and prefer high-quality trade relations.

  CONVENIENT DELIVERY CONDITIONS. We offer transportation of cargo all over the world in the shortest possible time.

  FLEXIBLE APPROACH. We are focused on clients and ready to consider individual conditions of your order.

Strong future is created

in Mustafa Yontar!

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