MY 1036 Mega Block is the choice of professionals

MY 1036 Mega Block is an improved model of KPM 1025; it is a scaled-up, more powerful and more efficient concrete-forming machine of a new generation. It refers to the type of single-row presses, but at the same time it has the same production rate as KPM 6036 multi-row model.

MY 1036 Mega Block is a powerful machine weighing 44 tons.
High-quality electronic, pneumatic and mechanical units and components used in this model allow to produce high-grade small-piece concrete elements, such as paving tiles, road and garden curbs, wall blocks, gutters, etc.

Main improvements as compared with КРМ 1025

Increased dimensions. The whole construction, a vibrating table, a pallet, a frame, etc. are enlarged.
The more powerful vibrating table-160 KN maxtronic is used.
This machine is fully controlled by a SIEMENS-based automatic control system. In the enlarged touch screen menu, it is possible to change all forming parameters, including a motor’s frequency of each vibrating table separately, and, as a result, the amplitude of the vibrating table.
There is a more advanced automatic control system for a production line.
A more powerful hydraulic unit is used.

The main advantage of this line over the identical line with the same capacity and production rate KPM 6036 is the possibility to add to the production process the unit for form takedown (a robot), which can shift the finished product to euro pallets. This allows to increase the efficiency of the production process, to employ fewer maintenance personnel and to use fewer forklifts. This also allows to use a washing module for the top layer of paving tiles, thus achieving the effect of granite.

If you should choose between two high-performance lines КРМ 6036 and MY 1036 Mega Block, at first we recommend you to pay attention to the dimensions of both lines (see technical specifications), since it is very important to keep in mind one of the most important advantages of multi-row lines - high production rate with minimum dimensions of the production platform.

The line will perfectly suit those who have a goal to develop production with the highest production rate and quality of products.

Variety of colors and shapes

Technical specifications and performance

Basic configuration

  Concrete block machine with one hopper for concrete

  Accumulator of empty palletsConveyor from the accumulation of empty pallets to the concrete block machine

  Conveyor from the concrete block machine to the accumulator of empty pallets with products

  Accumulator of pallets with finished products


  Electrical cabinet

  Remote control





Бр. 100.30.18         8640 pieces.

Бр. 100.30.15         8640 pieces.

Бр. 100.20.8           12000 pieces.



Pavement stones


200.100.60             1555 м2.

200.100.80             1555 м2.

115.115.60             1555 м2.

115.115.80             1555 м2.


wall stones


390.80.188              34560 pieces.

Optional equipment

  Second hopper for concrete*

  Decoupler (robot)*


  Conveyor for transport pallets*


  Dimensions  25000х9000х5800мм

  Forming modes Automatic, manual

  Maximum height of manufactured products  500 мм

  Minimum height of manufactured products  30 мм

  Size of the process pallet  1300х1150х130 мм

  Size of the vibrating table 1250х860 мм. мм.

  Hydraulic power plant volume with a decoupler  1000 litre

  Volume of a hopper for concrete mix  2 м3

  Average cycle of one molding  17-20 sec

  Number of lower vibroblocks  2 pieces.

  Number of lower engines  4 pieces.

  Number of upper vibroblocks 2 pieces.

  Number of upper engines  2 pieces.

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